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Woman* Life Freedom Collective, in solidarity with the P-752 Flight Families Association, accepts the invitation of "Hamed Esmailiyon" to hold a joined march on October 1st. We call on Iranians, activists, and all those who believe in liberty and equality to join us in Berlin on this date to attend the Solidarity Berlin rally and march.

Now that the unprecedented unity and solidarity of the people in Iran has turned into a massive flood that has startled the oppressors' foundation, the Woman* Life Freedom collective invites other political groups to unite and join the people. It is time to once and for all put aside political, ideological, and historical discrepancies and become the voice of the people who protest and call our solidarity with our siblings inside the borders of Iran to defeat the common enemy.​

Woman*Life Freedom collective condemns the violent and relentless attacks on embassies in some regions of Europe while calling on the organizers of various demonstrations in Berlin to unite and echo their voices.We urge you to hold a chain of simultaneous marches from different places towards a common destination in Berlin and to hold a Berlin Soliarity rally at the junction of different groups.
Let us initiate a new chapter of cooperation of protestors abroad with solidarity and alliance at the Berlin rally. Today we unite, to create a new tomorrow.


Oranienplatz, Berlin, Germany

15:00 - 17:00

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